I'm constantly searching for information about Deceased Major Leaguers. If you or maybe someone you know would like to contribute information that they might have about a ball player, feel free to contact me.
This site could never be maintained without your help. 

ANY AND ALL information regarding deceased major leaguers is welcomed.

     Here are some suggestions: A photo of a grave site, a cause of death or a copy of an obituary from a newspaper or micro-film, or an interesting tidbit or little known fact about the ball player.

     The only real guide lines I have are that the ball player that you have information on played in one of the professional major leagues.

     Those leagues are: The National Association (though not considered a major league by today's standards, it is considered the first truly professional league), The Union Association, The American Association, The Players League, The Federal League, The National and American Leagues. (I'm in the process of building a list of some minor league players as well)

     We're always looking for information about deceased ball players. Spread the word and tell a friend! All submissions
and even corrections are welcomed! (Hey, nobody said we were perfect!)

     Notify me if you have a correction on anything on the site. Any and all submissions will be given full credit to the person who submitted the.

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This site was created out of love for the players who played the greatest sport in the world....BASEBALL!!

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