Spitting On Diamonds

"Spitting on Diamonds" is about the life, times and career of spitball pitcher Bradley Hogg. Pitching for
the Braves, Cubs and Phillies between 1911-1919, as well as several minor league teams (including the 1916
and 1917 Pacific Coast League Los Angeles Angels under Hall of Famer Frank Chance), Bradley eventually played
with, for, or against 27 Hall of Famers during his nine year professional career, ranging from teammate
and double-header rotation-mate Cy Young in 1911 to the Pirates Casey Stengel in 1919. Bradley's story is
highlighted by the myriad coincidences, oddities and challenges met by professional baseball players at the
turn of the century.

"Spitting on Diamonds" uses newspaper excerpts of the human condition to show what it was like to be
alive, live, and play professional baseball in a changing America at the turn of the century.

Written in a lively, tongue-in-cheek style, the book has enough statistics to satisfy even the
hard-core fan, while bringing the times alive with a vivid portrait of an America, and a game, that sadly
no longer exists.

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